You want more comments on YouTube? Then read these tips

We all like sales and traffic, though in the era of social media is all about engagement. And, out of all forms of involvement, actual comments are towards the top. As they provide feedback, proper users opinion about content.

Even though it is not felt like a social networking site, YouTube is equally as important as Facebook or Twitter..or Instagram. It may give crucial social proof to first-time visitors by demonstrating that all of these other people cared enough about your content to comment on it or subscribe to your channel.

Comments, in particular, spark debate, resulting in increased engagement and a desire to connect with your material. It’s a fantastic cycle.

And, as we mentioned, they may also give a feedback and influence other people.

But…how to get more of these nice comments? Let’s see a couple tips.

1.   Become the first person to leave a comment on your video

Let’s get this party started! People are more inclined to respond to your comment and interact with it if they notice that you’ve begun a dialogue. Place the first comment at the top of your comment area and pin it. And, reply to all users, so they will comment knowing you will read and maybe even reply to their opinion.

2.   On your end screen, display the feedback from your audience.

Tell viewers that the best remark will be included in your future video when you reach the end screen of your video. You may even choose a random comment and upload a screenshot of it beside your fan’s username. This, will turn your videos into some sort of contest on who makes the best, most original comments. There you go!


3.   Do Controversial Videos…

The first and most important method is to create divisive content. The video’s subject and the way it is presented, is crucial for increasing likes, dislikes, shares, and comments.


Make at least two videos that make the viewers laugh out loud out of ten videos on your channel, or which simply have controversial opinions or topics. In a word, the video’s subject should elicit more “out-of-the-box” questions or general conversation.


4.   Existing Comments should not get ignored:


Nothing is more infuriating than inviting folks to remark and then leaving them hanging. Make sure you react to legitimate comments to show your visitors that you are interested. The more you interact with them, the more they will get interested in you. We said that before, we say this again. Why? Because is so important!


5.  Encourage debates

You may even use comments to start a conversation. You’ll be astonished at how quickly and frequently conversations occur in YouTube video comments. Start a debate you’ll witness a higher level of participation from your audience. You can also use other accounts to start debates, or buy real comments that will do that for you in a natural way.

6.   Make a Remark

Do you have any queries for me right now? If that’s the case, please leave a remark below. You can inquire in the same manner. Reread the preceding line. Asking people to remark when they have, for example, is a simple way to attract more comments. Or, ask their opinion about stuff. Examples, are below.


  •       Show doubts.
  •       Ask suggestions.
  •       Ask about what people want to see next.


Always keep in mind that your audience is your consumer.

Organize a YouTube competition.

We’ve all heard of Facebook and Instagram contests, but did you realise you can also conduct YouTube contests? A YouTube contest is the best approach to attract followers, comments, and genuine leads on YouTube at the same time. And, comments. Lots of comments.


It will require some more effort to publicise it. But it may build buzz and drive attention to your channel, increasing contest participation indirectly. If you make encouraging remarks a part of the contest, you will see a direct rise in the number of comments.


There you go! I hope this article helped you. And now, go grab them comments!

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