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Why You Shouldn’t Cut The Cord Just Yet!

Back in the day, the only way to catch your favorite TV shows, movies, or sports events was through a cable subscription. It was a luxury of the time. However, technological evolution led to innovation to simplify things for the world. Enter satellite TV and digital streaming services. Netflix and Amazon are accessible worldwide, giving people exclusive content at their own convenience and flexibility.

However, the rising popularity of these streaming services has left many cable users confused. For obvious reasons, everybody just wants solution-oriented services they can use with a high-speed internet connection like AT&T. Many people are turning into cord-cutters to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle.

People are using reasons like the skyrocketing prices of cable TV subscriptions and the availability of affordable options to access their favorite shows, movies, and channels! They’re more inclined to spend heaps of money on solution-oriented streaming services than on cable services, but is cutting the cord really the right move?

There are several benefits you gain from a cable TV subscription. A few of them are listed below if you’re still wondering about cutting the cord for good.  

Offers an Incredibly Rich Entertainment Guide

Cable subscriptions offer you a huge entertainment catalog. You will find almost every channel on the list. Whether you like binge-watching soap operas or are a huge sports fan, cable TV offers a variety of worthwhile and popular channels to satisfy your entertainment needs! 

Cable TV from Spectrum lets you access exclusive content from international and local channels in HD! And bundling it with Spectrum internet will let you enjoy HD programming with a super-fast internet connection by your side too – at cutthroat prices! 

Your tiny little cable box holds an entire entertainment world. Think twice before canceling your cable subscription as you might pay extra money to find a channel that you already have access to at a better price.

On-Demand Access and Pay-Per-View Services

Amazon and Netflix are two powerhouses in the streaming industry that create and publish original content on a regular basis. They give their subscribers a taste of everything, from movies and shows to documentaries and soap operas. However, most content released on the platforms falls under ‘On Demand’ on cable. 

A few big cable providers offer their subscribers free access to On Demand titles for streaming. And many allow users to access and stream On Demand content on the go with their TV apps. You can also opt for pay-per-view services to catch the latest movies, MMA matches, and much more!

Live Programming

If you want to watch the Super Bowl or the Olympics, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon will not help you here. While you can catch all the highlights online later, you surely don’t want to miss out on watching it live and experiencing the thrill and excitement. This is where cable services win. They let you live-stream your favorite live events – from sports and award shows to holiday specials and whatnot!

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You can also customize your cable packages to include the live local and international networks you want!

Bundling Services and Discounts

Everyone has a different reason to become a cable subscriber. Some love having a huge variety of TV networks and channels on their TV screens, while others pick particular plans to get an extensive TV channel catalog, along with a high-speed internet connection. 

If you’re not an avid television entertainment fan but love a lightning-fast internet connection, you can think about bundling up the two services and saving money too at the same time! You will lose your basic source of entertainment, along with quality television entertainment, if you choose to cut the cord. If your cable provider offers bundles and packages, pick the most cost-effective option and go for it! 

Don’t Turn Into A Cord Cutter Just Yet!

If the only reason you want to cut the cord is to save money, then you should reconsider your decision. This is because you can always negotiate for a better price and deal with other providers in the market too. 

Cable services not only offer you an extensive entertainment catalog that has something for everyone, but it also offers live programming, On-Demand and pay-per-view services, cost-effective bundles, and incredible discounts! You also don’t need to have a strong internet connection installed to stream your favorite TV shows or movies with a cable TV subscription. 

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