Where to Buy Footlocker Jordan 4 Black Cat Reps

If you want to buy a pair of Footlocker Jordan 4 Black Cat Reps, then you need to know several things about them. These factors include their authenticity and reliability. You also need to be aware of the release date of the shoes. Read this article to learn more about these sneakers.

Footlocker sneakers

If you are looking for a wide selection of Jordan 4 black cat reps, Footlocker is the place to go. They sell replica black cats Air Jordan 4 at affordable prices and offer excellent value-added service to their clients. Their selection of Jordans is unparalleled, and they are widely regarded as the best online fake sneakers store.

Authentic Jordan 4 Black Cats are distinguishable by their stitching details, which are different from those of replicas. Authentic Jordan 4s feature a narrower, more defined cage around the toe box, and the stitching pattern is consistent.


One of the easiest ways to detect a fake Jordan 4 Black Cat is by examining the shoe from all sides. In particular, the insole needs to be thoroughly examined. You should also look for the details of the size tag and box label. These details should match the actual shoe.

The size tag is an essential detail in ensuring authenticity. Typical signs of a counterfeit are the thin or thick printing on the label and an incorrect shape or size. You should also pay close attention to the frame surrounding the label, and to the quality of the material. In addition, the real Jumpman logo will appear thicker than usual.

Another common way to identify a fake pair is to look at the reverse label. Authentic pairs will have a thicker, more comfortable sock liner. Authentic pairs should be consistent all the way around the ankle. If the sock liner is too short or too long, it is likely to be a fake.


One of the best sources for authentic Jordan 4 black cat reps is the internet. There are numerous online stores that offer replica black cat Air Jordan 4 shoes at the most reasonable prices. Among these online stores, footlocker is considered to be the most reliable store. In addition to providing quality reps shoes, it offers great value-added services to its clients.

Authentic Jordan 4 Black Cat shoes have specific features and unique shapes that are difficult to replicate. The toe box of an authentic pair is shaped differently, and the eyelets are large and clearly defined. The replicas have smaller holes with inconsistent shapes. They also have different finishes.

Release dates

The Footlocker x Air Jordan 4 ‘Black Cat’ is a stealthy colorway that makes its return to retail outlets tomorrow. The sneaker’s stealthy color scheme is centered on the all-black nubuck upper. It also features subtle grey hits on the Jumpman Flight tongue tags and tonal netting on the side panels. On the bottom, a miniature white Jumpman logo adorns the black rubber sole.

The original release date for the “Black Cat” was January 25, 2020, but this has been moved to January 22, 2020. The sneakers will be available at Footlocker, SNKRS, and other select retail stores.

Authenticity of Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat”

One of the easiest ways to tell if a pair of Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” sneakers is authentic is by checking the insole. You should examine the insole on both sides. Also, check the box label. Authentic pairs of the sneakers should have the right size and box information.

The Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” is a retro-style basketball shoe that features a classic all-black colorway. It has a sleek construction and features cool accents and edges on the soles. It can complement any outfit. The unique design makes it an attractive option for streetwear OOTDs.

Another sign of an authentic pair of Jordan 4 “Black Cat” is the stitching details on the shoe’s upper. In an authentic pair, there are no obvious seams, whereas fakes have irregular stitching and inconsistencies. Additionally, the insole is not the same color or shape as an authentic pair. Authentic pairs have a bumpy heel, while replicas have flat ones.

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