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What Tips to Follow When Going for Metal Detecting?

Many people want to use a metal detector, but sometimes they are not successful. It is a misconception that the metal detecting finds process is complicated; it is not true. There is a certain way to use the metal detector and tips, which can increase the device’s efficiency.

13 Tips to Follow for Hunting Metal Detecting Finds

The metal detectors are great devices to find different objects under the ground in various places. But you can increase the effectiveness of the metal detectors by following the thirteen tips that will be discussed in the points below. These tips are easy to follow but will make finding objects easy.

Don’t Discard Doubtful Signals

Sometimes you might hear beeps and signals that you might think of as nothing. But it has been recommended by expert metal detectors not to discard these signals because something fascinating might be buried in that area. If the object turns out to be junk, it can be a good way to clear unwanted objects from the location.

Pack Extra Batteries

There can be two types of batteries attached to a metal detector; rechargeable and single-time use. It is a great idea to bring the charging cable along for the chargeable batteries. But you have to pack extra batteries for metal detectors that don’t use non-chargeable batteries. You don’t want the whole metal detecting trip to be cut short because of battery loss.

Carry Additional Devices and Metal Detecting Accessories

There are two reasons for carrying additional devices and the accessories you have bought from the metal detector store. The first reason for keeping an extra device is that it could be used if the first one is not working. The second reason is that you sometimes need a specialized metal detector to find an object deep buried under the ground.

Consider Hunting in Already Hunted Areas

If you have hunted in an area using a mid-range metal detector and found nothing, then you should try again, but this time with a specialized device. You might find something precious like jewelry made of gold.

Have a Scavenging Kit Ready

The scavenging kit should consist of two pairs of garden gloves, headphones compatible with the metal detectors, different digging tools, and waterproof covers. These items will help you with digging up the items under the ground.

Rainy Day is Ideal

There are mainly two reasons you should prefer hunting after a rainy day. First of all, when rainwater mixes with the minerals in the ground, especially the salt, it will increase the conductivity. This will provide a better chance to find the objects buried underground. The second reason for hunting after rain is that it will be easy for you to dig into the earth.

Acquire Permission for Common Lands

Many people ask if a license is needed to operate the metal detector that you have ordered from stores like Teknetics Direct. No license is required to use the metal detector, but proper permission is required when hunting on common land or private property.

Do Thorough Research on Old Sites

Doing thorough research of old sites and places will inform you about the items you might find there. Sometimes people claim that their house is old and might have precious items buried. You have to do proper research before going.

Know Different Settings of the Metal Detectors

All modern metal detectors have a common setting for general items like all types of metals, relics, coins, and jewelry. There is a discrimination setting that can be selected for filtering different objects. If the metal detector has a ground balance setting, the device will ignore certain metals in the ground. This will make finding items made of various metals easy.

Sweeping Device Correctly

The metal detector must be kept two feet away in a forward position. The device should not touch the ground and must be a few inches above. When sweeping the detector sideways, the motion should be semi-circular.

By following these tips, you will increase the efficiency of the device and accessories used for the metal detecting finds process.

Here are some important questions that will improve your understanding of metal detectors and their uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use a metal detector?

You can take certain steps considered the best to use the device for metal detecting finds.

  1.   Understanding devices and their settings.
  2.   Practice before actually using the metal detector.
  3.   Sweeping the device slowly.
  4.   Use different ranged metal detectors on the already hunted area.
  5.   Confirm the authenticity of the found items.

How far down do metal detectors work?

A specialized metal detector can reach a depth of sixty-five inches. A normal ranged device can reach up to eight inches deep.

How heavy is a metal detector?

The average weight of most metal detectors is between two and five pounds.

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