November 25, 2022

What are the Problems of not Resorting to the Salesforce Data Backup Services?

Does your organization make use of Salesforce? If yes, then you know the relevance of the data. It comprises all the data for the customers, comprising sales agreements, contact history, orders, and many more. 

When you lose the data, even for one consumer, it can prove to be a nightmare! If there is a huge-scale data loss, it can result in a massive disruption of your operations. Hence, it is crucial to opt-in for salesforce data backup and recovery. In this article, we will discuss the common reasons for data loss that takes place in Salesforce and the relevance of an independent Salesforce backup solution. 

Most companies lose the SaaS data

Let’s start by stating that SaaS is excellent. The applications such as Salesforce enable organizations to operate their businesses in the cloud, without any requirement for developing costly in-house applications. The data can get accessed from anywhere. Also, because it doesn’t get stored on the premise, it’s not vulnerable to physical disasters to the location, such as flooding or fire. 

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Also, the SaaS applications are a practical, fast and secure method for processing crucial tasks, like customer relationship management. However, that doesn’t indicate that SaaS can’t be vulnerable. 80% of the organizations share that they witnessed SaaS data loss for various reasons. 

Is Salesforce the savior?

It is a common misconception concerning Salesforce backup. Several users usually follow three things:

  • Salesforce is a “backup” type as the data gets stored in the cloud. 
  • The in-built Salesforce backdrop choice can provide seamless, fast recovery when the data gets lost. 
  • Salesforce has you covered. 

Here it’s necessary to delve a little deeper and clearly understand. Let’s look at the following misconceptions:

  • The cloud as a backup

It’s because Salesforce itself isn’t any type of backup as the data belongs to the cloud. It’s a fact that storing the data in the cloud offers security against all threats to the on-site servers. Also, the cloud data backup solution is an excellent way for keeping the backups off the premise for extra protection. 

Remember that the data gets generated in the Salesforce and doesn’t get copied there. Hence, things such as customer data will stay in the Salesforce and not anywhere else. Also, there isn’t any other copy. Therefore, if anything happens to SaaS information, it’s gone. 

  • Salesforce provided a backup option

You can export the Salesforce backup data, but such backups are restricted. If you keep monthly and weekly backups, you can leave ample room for data loss. For instance, if the weekly backup gets timed for Friday and you encounter a data loss on Thursday, you will lose out on data worth a week. 

However, the higher issue is the export. There’s not a single click recovery choice that can restore the data seamlessly to Salesforce. Instead, you can get left with a considerable CSV file that should get reimported to the application. Also, when you have the API tools and the Salesforce data loader, the method is time-intensive and manual. The Salesforce exports are the best last-resort choice, which shouldn’t get used as the primary backup solution. 

  • Salesforce always has you covered

In case, Salesforce servers fail suddenly, and your information gets lost, the organization can still retrieve the data from its internal backups. However, you can’t say the same concerning mishaps that take place on a user end. No one is enquiring about the integrity of the security measures or infrastructure of Salesforce. 

That aside, Salesforce might not be able to restore the data when it gets lost owing to the user error. You can always try making use of the data recovery service by Salesforce. However, that will cost you as much as $10,000, and even then, it can consume about six weeks to get the data back. Also, you need to realize that close to 47% of the SaaS data loss gets caused by accidental deletion. 

The process of getting a Salesforce data backup and recovery solution

Today, you have the scope to opt-in for a cloud-to-cloud Salesforce backup solution that can backup the Salesforce data every day and can store it in the secure cloud infrastructure. The process is automatic. The backups take place almost every day, and it comprises the Salesforce data as well, such as:

  • The standard Salesforce objects like contacts, accounts, opportunities, and leads. 
  • Chatter messages. 
  • Custom Salesforce objects. 
  • Files. 

You can also conduct the backups manually all the time. It is excellent for when the migrations will occur and before other apps can get integrated. Hence, if anything goes wrong at the time of such processes, you can bring it back all the way it was. 

The complete data restoration

Seamless and fast data restoration is one way that such a solution can help. It enables you to restore all that you want to. Whether it’s the individual objects or the overall backup, it’s just a couple of click. The data is completely restored back in applications for you not to have to deal with the troublesome CSV reports or even a destructive, manual restore process. 

You can find the lost data fast

The Salesforce data backup and recovery solutions come with strong search capacities that enable you to come across the particular data you require. It can take a couple of seconds to get precise information within the backups, such as individual files and objects. 

That is not all. When you use such a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to stay linked to Salesforce always to have access to data. The backups get stored correctly in the secure data centers of the solution provider. Hence, it means even if Salesforce is not working or is down, you have access to the Salesforce data inside the solution provider’s independent interface. 

A threat to data can occur because of human errors or any other system failure. But when you have the correct Salesforce data backup and recovery by your side, you can address the problem better and get back to functioning soon. 

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