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The Psychology of an Online Gamer – Why Do You Really likes to play games

Games have been there for many years now. A few decades ago, these games were offline and this affected their accessibility. However, these days, a lot has changed, thanks to a high level of internet penetration, and the availability of mobile devices. While studies have been done on the potential detrimental health impacts of video game play, the positive aspects of video gaming, what makes games so attractive, and why we play and carry on playing are rarely discussed. 

Numerous researches, on the other hand, have been conducted to determine the fundamental characteristics that encourage us to play games. Here are 5reasons why people would like to play video games.

1. The achievement component

There’s an achievement aspect that includes a desire to progress in the game, an interest in the rules of the system and system, and a competitive spirit to win against others.  Those who take part in online games relish the fact that they can compete favorably with others and win against them.  Remember that in games such as online NFT game and other blockchain games, there are lots of financial and non-financial rewards, and winning is one of the things that can drive a player to achieve a lot of things.

2. The social component

This is the desire to form connections with others through interactions that have the potential of creating a long-lasting impact. Most games are group games and are always played by friends or a group of friends. When we want to play these games, we will have to invite a group of friends or acquaintances and in the process, a robust social attachment is created.

3. The need for immersion

This is where a character is customized in a manner that makes it fit into the story of the game and also wants to escape from real life. This just adds to the above reasons since there should always be other reasons why online gaming enthusiasts will perhaps want to be part of a game all the time. The immersion component is just a small fraction of this.

4. Enjoyment and relaxation

The amount and quality of enjoyment that is achieved from the relaxation are huge and this is promoted by the amazing level of artistry that some online games offer, the competitiveness, and also the interactivity of the game. This is why there are many players out there who can’t get enough of the games that they take part in every day.

5. Satisfaction and the flow experience

One of the reasons that may make people continue playing games is the satisfaction and the flow experience. The game story, the accompanying graphics, and control are just some of the factors that contribute to the continuance of play. The social part of the game is one of the most important things, especially for such games as online multiplayer games. If a player has achieved tremendous amounts of success, there is a likelihood that they will continue playing for longer.