Sound Blocking

Sound Blocking Curtains: Everything You Need to Know

The soundproofing drapes are prepared from heavy-duty, thick substances such as polyester, suede, or velvet. They often feature a porous surface that allows sound waves to be absorbed, ensuring quietness in the surrounding space. The sound blocking curtains can silence or dampen sound, which then absorbs any waves of noise that try to pass through. They assist in enhancing sound quality and lowering vibration levels in the space in which they are installed.

Types Of Sound Blocking Curtains 

Here are the primary types of soundproof curtains: 

Insulation Curtains 

Although they have a similar appearance to ordinary window drapes, insulation curtains are created from denser materials that reduce outside sound. The heavy-duty fabric that insulates the space from sound can also block sun rays, so they frequently serve as blackout curtains.

Industrial Blankets 

Industrial blankets are generally used to safeguard furniture and other delicate things during the relocation procedure. They can serve as soundproof drapes because they are composed of sturdy, cushioned material. These are cost-effective options and help in absorbing outside sounds. 

Audio Insulation Sheets 

Due to the several layers of hefty fabric construction, audio insulation sheets are able to obstruct more sound compared to insulation drapes and industrial blankets. Because of these numerous layers, they also serve as a blackout drape.

4 Best Sound Blocking Curtains

Check out the best curtain options available for sound-blocking in the market. 

NICETOWN Aqua Blue 100% Blackout Curtain Set 

The polyester curtains can last for several years. These soundproof drapes have a two-layer unique structure that can significantly decrease loud noises. The sew-in black liner ensures that the material is very thick to block UV and sun rays. The total width is 104,” and the silver grommet has a 1.6-inch inner diameter. 

StangH Cream White Velvet Curtains 

These curtains are made from decent quality materials and have a smooth finish. They have a distinct design with a twisted tab top, so the overall width will be decreased to 45″ to 47″ in both panels. They can absorb sounds up to an extent. 

DWCN Blackout Curtains 

These high-quality, robust, and 100% polyester-made drapes are incredibly thick and absorb more noise. They allow little to no sound and sunlight to pass through. The panels are 45 inches long and have a width of 42 inches. 

Deconovo Pink Blackout Curtains 

These curtains are made from 100% polyester material which is soft to touch. They can absorb sun rays and lessen loud noises from outside. You will get two panels in the package, and every drape comes with six anti-rust grommets. 

How To Choose The Best Sound Blocking Curtains 

When buying soundproof curtains, consider the following factors: 

Material Used And Thickness

The majority of sound-blocking curtains are constructed from Rockwool or fiberglass. These drapes must be a minimum of 2 to 3 inches thicker to serve as a soundproof barrier. They weigh between 5 kg to 10 kg, which depends on the material utilized.

Weight And Size 

Select curtains that are thrice wider than your window and ten or more inches longer. The lengthy soundproof drapes that run from ceiling to floor are highly effective at noise reduction. Heavy sound-blocking drapes can instantly absorb sounds and maintain the sound in your space. 


Soundproofing curtains must be installed on robust rods, sturdy tracks, and brackets because they weigh more than regular window clothes. Make sure the curtain keeps noise from entering your room after installation.

Bottom Line 

High-quality sound-blocking curtains of the highest caliber will be thick, tightly sewn, and block the loud sounds. Make sure to pick the drapes that are a little long and wide. All the above-listed products are the best in the market, so you can buy them without any second thought. 

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