Siamese Cats

Some Fun Facts About Siamese Cats

A Siamese cat is certainly one of the most common breeds you have heard about if you Are a cat lover. They have a distinctive and sleek appearance. Even though many Siamese cats come in a gray and silver color with their stunning blue eyes, these are also available in other stunning colors like cream, orange, blue, and many more variations. However, this is not everything about the Siamese cat breed, as there are other mysterious facts that you would love to know about them.

Siamese cat or one of the oldest breeds known for domesticating throughout the world. Their coloring is determined by the temperature and their genetics. One of the most astounding facts about the Siamese cat is that their color will rise depending on the temperature of the surroundings.

Fur Colouring: 

As we have already mentioned, Siamese cats have coats that are available in some of the most stunning color variants. These colors are not only determined by their genetics, but they have the great ability to change their color as per their surroundings and the environment.

The coat color is determined by a different set of genes along with the court patterns. Siamese cats come with a special modifying gene that offers them the excellence to inhibit pigment. It also results in albinism, but thanks to the science that the modified gene will only affect their far quality.

When the body of a Siamese cat drops below a hundred degrees, the genes will turn back on and will carry its pigment to the fur. Since their body tends to remain cool around the ears, nose, tail, and paws, the pigment mostly gets deposited on these parts of their body.

Old breed: 

Even though the first bred Siamese cat is not certain yet and is domesticated when it is believed that they originated in Thailand. In the 14th century, it was first mentioned in the manuscript. This is what makes the Siamese cat breed one of the oldest breeds in the world.

Common traits: 

For the longest time, most the Siamese cats had crooked and crossed eyes with kinked tails. This place was the result of some genetic factors; however, most of the legends have offered different explanations for the reason the interesting appearance of the Siamese cat breed.

According to one of the legends, the Siamese cats had the task of guarding the royal and Golden goblet. Since they were so dedicated to performing the duties, the cats kept staring at the goblet with intensity, which resulted in making their eyes cross. Also, because they offered additional security with their tails, they became permanently bent. 

Royal treatment:

It has been known that Siamese cat breeds were available hundreds of years ago as they were treasured by the royal families in Thailand. Due to their unusual and stunning appearance, which make them distinctive from other breeds, most of the royal families domesticated a Siamese cat breed.

Since they were a part of the royal families, they were also the ones to always receive the royal treatment. They also believe that Siamese cats receive the soul of royalty when they die. This is why the Siamese cat used to spend the rest of their life being pampered by priests and monks in the temple.

A talkative breed: 

If you are looking for a pet that is calm and quiet, then a Siamese cat is definitely not a good choice. The only reason is that Siamese cats are known for their extremely talkative character. Siamese cats have the tendency to vocalize their thoughts about their food; they would like to talk about the observation that they make along with everything that they witness from day to night.

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