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Some basic information about the lightest eyeglass frames sportswear

The lightest eyeglass frames sportswear is the type of goggles worn on the body when participating in sports. They have the functions of safety, protection, comfort, and beauty. To achieve all of those functions, requirements for both lenses and frames are needed.

Lenses for sports’ lightest eyeglass frames can be PC lenses, also known as space lenses. They are shattered and crack resistant, and 100% secure. It is reported that PC lenses have been used in the production of bulletproof glasses, so they can protect the wearer’s eyes during strenuous exercise. At a bargain price, PC lenses are the lightest and thinnest lenses available today. They are 57% lighter than glass lenses, 37% lighter and 26% thinner than plastic lenses.

Besides PC lenses, magnesium alloy lenses are also widely used in the manufacture of lenses for sportswear. Magnesium alloy is 2/5 lighter than titanium and aluminum 2/3 lighter. Their merit over PC lenses is that they have vibrant colors, are eco-friendly, and don’t fade easily. Therefore, the magnesium alloy lens will make the wearer look elegant.

Polarized lenses are suitable for sportswear’s lightest eyeglass frames, as they can filter both sunlight and other rays and reflections. Usually, the lightest framed polarized sportswear is suitable for picnics, fishing, and skiing. A clear and comfortable vision will bring to the wearer.

Sportswear frames are also strictly required. They should be smooth, light, and flexible enough to feel comfortable for the wearer. The TR-90 frame is a good choice. Not only are they smooth, light and have good ductility, but they also have high-temperature resistance. They can withstand high temperatures of up to 350 degrees at a time. The TR-90 frame also has an excellent memory function.

Sports glasses are very diverse. They should choose the appropriate type for the sport they are participating in. for people who regularly participate in outdoor activities, it is recommended to wear goggles against the wind; for myopic people who participate in the exercise, prescription glasses should be the best option; and for those who like snow climbing or fishing, polarized glasses can protect their eyes to the greatest extent.

Another thin lens option works best for prescriptions that range from -12.00 to +4.00. Ultra-thin lenses with a high index of 1.74 will require you to add a UV protection layer for better protection. These lenses are the thinnest and lightest lenses available on the optical market and should not be used for low to moderate prescriptions due to the distortion effect the lenses have.

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Once you understand what prescription range you fall into, fitting the right lenses into your lightest eyeglass frames shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s good to know that if your lenses are too thick, they won’t fit in the frames, so it’s important to match your prescription glasses with the right lens. Also, if your prescription is high, opt for higher index lenses – your eyes and nose will thank you.

Unlike other glasses, sports glasses are more demanding.

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