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Restricting Fraudsters Access To the Healthcare Systems With KYP Solution

Restricting Fraudsters Access To the Healthcare Systems With KYP Solution

Know Your Patient compliance is necessary to protect the digital system of medication and healthcare. The world is on the verge of digitalization and it is getting more and more advanced each passing day. The healthcare systems are also being introduced to recommend useful prescriptions to patients. Even online consulting platforms are proving a good resource for the patients to interact with the certified doctors easily. The scammers are always looking to misuse all the new verified systems to launder money and harm the resources of the people. The new healthcare systems are also not completely risk-free as the attackers have developed new techniques to steal patients’ sensitive information and identities for their harmful intentions.

To tackle this situation of prevailing thefts among the online healthcare systems the KYP (Know Your Patient) compliance is followed by health organizations to protect and verify the patient’s information.

What is KYP Compliance?

Know Your Patient compliance is associated with verifying the patient’s identity and ensuring that unauthorized people do not access the online system of health assistance. The principle to verify patient identity is based on all the other laws and rules such as the AML (Anti Money Laundering) Act and the CFT ( Combating the Financing of Terrorism) act. It ensures that the person who is accessing the online system of healthcare is verified and does not use other patients’ identities. With the KYP compliance, the patients can easily access the system just by verifying their identity. And the attackers are also restricted from the system by this method of verification.

How do Attackers Misuse Healthcare Systems?

The healthcare systems which are available online are developed to manage all the required information of the patients and the doctors to provide the best outcomes. It uses AI to check for patients’ mentioned symptoms and recommend the best suitable consultations. Attackers always look to make money illegally and they have tried several times to hijack the online healthcare systems to misuse the patient’s sensitive data for the purpose of illegal money-making. They can use the data for so many illicit activities.

Blackmailing Patients To Leak Their Information

Patients’ data is sensitive and should not be leaked as per law, the attackers blackmail the patients to leak their information and ask them to provide large sums of money.

Stealing Patients Insurances

The data of the patient can be used to steal all their health benefits and insurance from the healthcare organization. It can be in the form of allowances that are provided by the organization to the patient.

Creating Forged Identities

The attackers use the existing stolen identities of the users to create new forged identities to gather all the resources that are provided by the system. They use those newly created accounts to log into the system and perform several other activities of theft and money laundering.

Verifying Patient’s Identity With KYP

The KYP process is carried out to secure the online healthcare platforms, it includes all the necessary checks such as the patient’s age verification check and eligibility criteria to secure the online system. The process includes all the steps of compliance that strictly follow the AML/CFT laws.

Document Verification of the Patient

The KYP-based healthcare platforms ask for patients’ documents to prove their identities. The documents may include all the paperwork of the person which provides a complete proof of identity. Documentation asked by most of the systems is identity proofing cards such as national identity cards, medical reports, and other healthcare certificates. The corona vaccination certificate is also used to verify the identity of the patients nowadays. The documents are validated and verified to ensure the identity and then allow the person to use the resources of the healthcare systems.

Biometric Verification of the Patient

The biometrics of the patients are used to securely log them into the systems, the new security policies use the biometric traits of the patients such as facial recognition and fingerprint verification to authorize the right person into the system. With the use of biometrics, the system evaluates real users with fake ones.


KYP compliance is necessary to adopt in order to prevent the crimes and misuses of the cheaters. It contains a number of steps and techniques to verify the identity of the patient and restrict the attackers from gaining access to the healthcare systems. The systems are developed using AI which uses multiple techniques of document verification and biometric evaluation to verify the user before letting them avail the benefits of the healthcare systems. The process of identifying patients and verifying their identities helps in the prevention of money laundering and other associated crimes

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