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Preparation Tips For CBSE Class 12 Board Exam

Class 12 seems to be the most crucial phase for the students. The result of the board examination decides the future of the student. 

You must always hear your parents, teachers, and everyone saying, “you only need to study for the boards, then you can have fun.” One of the most critical examinations in the life of students. 

All of this hype about the board examination is a myth. It’s not true that the class 12 board is the most challenging examination. It depends on how you study for the test. 

Today we’ll enlighten you with several preparation tips to help you ace the examination.

Preparation Tips for Board Examination

1. Set a goal

You’re your biggest competitor. Set targets for yourself and try to surpass them by doing better than before. Take challenges, and test yourself with self-assessments and examinations. 

For example, if you scored 70% in your previous examination, try to attain 80% this time. Learn to be better than before.

2. Thorough knowledge of syllabus

Yes, you heard it right. You should have a thorough understanding of the subject and the syllabus. The Board prefers NCERT textbooks, so make sure you go through the NCERT Solutions textbooks first and then move on to other reference books.

3. Time management skills

Everyone must have time management skills. 12th Board is said to be the most challenging examination for school students. Studying regularly for 7-8 hours with a proper timetable and plan can help you ace the test.

4. Sample Papers

Sample papers and CBSE previous year’s question papers are assets for the students. We don’t understand why students spend a lot of money on reference books, not Sample papers and previous year papers, which are more beneficial. 

It was found that the students who prepared with the sample papers got more marks in the Board examination than the rest.

5. Proper and healthy diet

For a sound mind, you need good health. Studies show that proper sleep and diet lead to tremendous brain functioning and increased memory. It is gratuitous to say that exams are stressful. So, you need to focus on your health to achieve your goal.

6. Work on your weaknesses

One should be confident but not overconfident. Everyone has some strengths and weaknesses, and one always needs to work on their weaknesses. Identify your weaker areas and start working on them. If you work on your shortcomings regularly, you can only excel in the examination.

7. Write your answers neatly

While writing your answers in the examinations, one needs to focus on the concept written in the test and how they’re writing it. 

For example, student A writes the complete paragraph of a page or two without writing pointers or headings, and on the other hand, student B writes the same answer in leads, in little words, and has also drawn a chart. It is already concluded that student B will get more marks due to their tidiness. 


Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also make a plan according to yourself. Every student has a different level of understanding, which is fine as long as you manage your studies with it. 

These tips will not only help you in board examination but also in the long-term as well. With these tips, you can easily ace your examination.


Q1. How many scores do I need to pass the examination?

Ans- You need at least 33% in each subject to pass the examination.

Q2. Was the 2022 board exam easy?

Ans- The syllabus was divided into two parts, and the students prepared one piece at a time. So, you can say that the pressure was less than before.

Q3. Will these tips help me to score good marks?

Ans- If you follow these tips thoroughly, you can easily ace the examination.