keiser university seahawks

Keiser University Seahawks


We’re taking our #game to the next level.

We’re building a new culture. Together,

as a community. Creating experiences happen one day at a time that will take you places without even knowing what’s in store for you.

We build students, not diplomas

Keiser University Seahawks


Welcome to the new era of keiser seahawks.

We, the mass majority of generations z, are fueled by creativity, willingness to change our perspective, new technologies, and we all thrive with purpose.

The future starts now. Welcome to Keiser university seahawks team! Join our team today.

Keiser University Seahawks


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope! It’s our very own #keiserseahawks 👀

Hokies Stand United

Despite their record, the University has been unstoppable on two important fronts: loyalty and advocacy.

They led a petition with over 3,514 signatures asking for donations for those in need of life-saving items such as water and food during this natural disaster.

We are proud to count them among us – committing to serving their community and championing togetherness in the game day apparel throughout the season…

stay strong #huu and we can’t wait to Cheer

Keiser University Seahawks


The University has over 150 clubs, 8 presidential awards programs- including Student Senate President recognition

In 1986, Perry Bryant created the Sport Management major with the idea of creating better global citizens.

He knew that preparing our students for modern-day leadership responsibilities would require them

to go beyond a theoretical understanding – they would have to experience them firsthand.

As such, he mandated the study abroad requirement: a ten-week stay in each USSU-affiliated country.


Keiser University Seahawks


Look at these undefeated #keiseruniversityseahawks. Looking shifty in all black.

Steely eyes show that there’s no way these guys won’t take down their opponent.

Follow the team’s @keiseruniversity on Snapchat to catch their games live ’round the clock.

#respectful, committed #athletes who are out to clearly show what they’re made of – both on and off the court. ⁣⁣

Keiser University Seahawks


Who’s the real MVP?

Zane Mallard #ManUps for Coach Wood and the #Seahawks ⁣⁣

Zane was declared ineligible two weeks ago and missed his first game of his college career.

Just two days after the big game, he came back with TWO tackles. #MVP ⁣

👏 👏 👏

Je suis Zane!

Keiser University Seahawks


Watch our game take-off broadcast, LIVE on

Football is a language that connects us all. So let’s chat about it!

See the promo for our preseason broadcast of the Falcons vs Seahawks on August 8th at 2pm! ⁣⁣ 📺 Credits to:

Keiser University Seahawks


we believe in supporting the #keiseruniversityseahawks.

We promise to do everything we can to work closely with our community and make it worth their time here.

Become a part of this community. Join the keiser university #family now!

Rise up, be bold. Live #passionately in pursuit of your dreams with the support of

selfless faculty, staff, and students at keiser university seahawks

whose inspiration is only but to see all shine.

This caption can be used on Snapchat stories and Instagram stories.

Above all, the #Seahawks are always and will continue to stand for inclusion,

appreciation and respect of everyone and everything in our world⚒

Today we are #Blessed to know that the @seahawks share our values- they promote acceptance,

they specialize in #Diversity, they possess different ways of thinking, and they achieve goals through teamwork.

Nothing is more inspirational than seeing students from across the world

experience life-changing opportunities and breakthroughs.

Join the team at keiser university today.

Years ago, a single determined young woman set out on a journey to change her life

a journey that would lead her to becoming our university’s first female president and quickly turn her into a champion of global women’s leadership in higher education as she inspired thousands of people around the world during her tenure.






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