Farrow & Ball

Is Farrow & Ball a good paint?

Interior designers and decorators are increasingly turning to Farrow and Ball paint for their projects. We will gladly share our knowledge if you ask us what separates Farrow & Ball paint from the competitors. The particular pigmentation of our deep colors, which respond differently to different wavelengths of sunlight throughout the day, is responsible for bringing light to life on the walls.

Farrow & Ball’s one-of-a-kind shades

The colors of Farrow and Ball’s paints are affected by the light. Therefore it’s crucial to keep this in mind while painting. It’s as if you’re painting your walls with the hues of the sky, sunsets, light bulbs, and even the flicker of a fire.


As many as five pigments can be used to create each color. Each hue has different undertones that can become more or less noticeable as the day goes on, making the blue feel a little more blue, green or gray at times, but always true to itself. It’s important to remember that the same hue in the exact location can appear different depending on the time of day and lighting conditions.


Farrow and Ball’s paint colors can adapt to the changing seasons and lighting conditions with their rich pigments with the right artist and unique combination.


Rich ingredients and centuries-old formulas generate absorbent hues with distinct character, even though the colors don’t vary, and we rigorously verify each batch for color constancy. First, we prepare our base paint by mixing water with chalk, china clay, and titanium dioxide. Next, we meticulously measure and add the pigments required to produce our exceptional color depth.


There are 132 colors available in the eleven high-quality finishes offered by Farrow and Ball paint. Many durable finishes are available in these paint hues, including interior and exterior paint. Each batch of paint underwent a stringent testing procedure to ensure that it would provide the best long-term performance for your home. You’ll be able to receive the best possible outcome right here.


You and your family may safely use the water-based farrow and ball paints in any part of the home since they have a minimal odor, are environmentally friendly, and are safe to use. We put the environment first in everything we do, from recyclable paint cans to ethically sourced wallpaper. Ensuring your paints are as environmentally friendly as possible is at the heart of everything we do.

Reasons why you should buy Farrow & Ball paints from Exeter Paint Transform & Design.

Color Advice

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or worries regarding your prospective projects or ideas, and we will do all we can to help you. Everything is as simple as picking up the phone, visiting our website, or walking into our store. For users to showcase their work, Farrow gives a platform for them to do so. The following link will direct you to a collection of hundreds of images in various colors and styles that you may find fascinating.

Color Consulting

From subtle neutrals and muted pastels to vivid accents and rich dark tones, each of our 132 colors has been carefully created and thought through to ensure they work perfectly. Choose your favorite color here.

Inspirational Designs

How do you know where to begin? You can get ideas for every area in your house from the best interior designers and decorators in our comprehensive catalog, including everything from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchen exteriors and bathrooms. Our team has put together everything you need to complete your job. Since inspiration may strike, you never know where your next great idea will come from.

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