Innovative uses of platform trolleys

Innovative uses of platform trolleys

Deliver a glass of beer to a pub or club? Need to move them around in your basement? You may know that barrels are heavy and awkward. One wrong move when moving them can lead to back strain. However, there is an inexpensive and innovative way to avoid stress and injury. Invest in a right kind of platform trolleys to carry heavy loads at your warehouse.

Benefits of using a platform trolley

There is manual handling assistance for everything these days, so there is no excuse not to struggle and not to get hurt. According to HSE, manual handling injuries accounted for 18% of all injuries reported in the year 2020-21. He came in second behind Slip, Trips and Falls. As an employer, it is your legal duty to evaluate and mitigate the risks posed by manual handling. Risk mitigation may involve investing in manual handling assistance.

The barrel trolleys are specially designed to help the workers move the heavy barrel easily. Here are some reasons why businesses should invest in the liquor and hospitality industry,

The platform trolley helps prevent injury

CAG trolley delivery carries heavy lifting stress and strain for drivers, basement workers and bar staff. Don’t want your employees to do a deadlift or pull a barrel in the basement? Invest in a trolley that will make lifting kegs safer and more efficient.

They are compact

Although they are designed to help you lift heavy barrels, barrel trolleys are incredibly compact. This means they won’t take up valuable space in your basement or delivery van.The higher the value of the kit, the lower the cost

We know that money is always a concern. However, whenever you invest in new instruments, you need to weigh the benefits versus the cost. Consider the budget-friendly cost of a barrel trolley versus ill pay, accident compensation, or lost productivity.

Durable structure

Its durable welded steel structure is perfectly designed to help you move an 11-gallon cage or barrel. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and helps you to control the load at all times. Two strong wheels will help you navigate the smooth floor surface.If you want to promote safer and more efficient lifting in your hospitality business, look no further. This compact, practical and budget-friendly solution is the right investment.

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