attendance management software

Important features of an attendance management software

It is extremely crucial for every school information management system to have software that can automatically record and maintain the attendance of every teacher, student, and staff working on school grounds. Previously, the traditional school systems followed offline registers which were maintained initially individually by the teachers, and later by the school staff who tallied the attendance sheets. However, with digital emergence, this system has since then changed.

Meaning of an attendance management software

And attendance management software is essentially meant to keep the everyday attendance sheets of students and school staff in order. Institutions are investing in a cloud-based system mode because it can optimize costs, the office has the liberty to access it with multiple platforms, and even students can access their attendance records to observe how many more days they have to show up for a maintaining a minimum of 75% attendance.

Benefits of attendance management software

  • Accuracy

Traditionally, teachers were in charge of tracking the attendance of every student in a classroom. After that, it is manually rectified and someone in the office will have to take out the attendance percentage of every student individually. this leaves a lot of area for error and issues. For example, there might be a miscalculation in the percentage, or the teacher might fail to mark a student present at times because they were late.

However, with attendance management software, these mistakes are impossible to make because there is a time limit up to which a student is allowed to enter a class for which they will be marked present. There are no areas where a student can abuse this system and the system maintains its accuracy eliminating such errors. We can say that it’s such a system is more reliable than teachers.

  • Productivity

Manually tracking the attendance of every student takes up a lot of time in class and the office. Everyone can save a lot of time if the attendance procedure is automated.

  • Cuts costs

A paper-based register that is used to track attendance, calculate percentages, and maintain it requires a little bit of the budget. This budget could be avoided, not only on paper but also on the powers of individuals who are spending time calculating it. These costs can be invested in an automatic system instead, which is more accurate and efficient.

  • Complete compliance

An attendance management software does not have opinions and other commitments which can hinder it from working perfectly. It just needs some changes which can be made by the IT expert. Hence, it can comply with the adjustments of an educational institution. (ERP full form)

Features of attendance management software

  • Clock in and clock out

Students can clock in and clock out anytime in a class without interrupting the teacher. This feature is required so that teachers can carry on lectures, and be notified only if there is an emergency, ordered out, and not for purposes such as attendance.

  • Leave moderator

It is not simply the students who get attendance, teachers also have certain days that they work on with other days as a leave. Someone has to moderate the number of days the teachers are on early so that if there is a need for a substitute teacher someone could be allocated in a class. For payment purposes also the number of total hours has to be calculated, which is moderated automatically through a feature in the automatic attendance software.

  • Notifications

Students, teachers, and parents would like to be notified about attendance for multiple purposes. If any particular student is lagging, they could be notified. Similarly, teachers also need to be notified through notification features to keep a record and track of their students.

  • Automatic communication

Anything that is managing the attendance should also be available for being accessed through communication devices regularly. For example, a parent who would like to see if their child is present in a class, but they are unable to do so due to work commitments.

  • Integrating calendar

Do you always have to look up in a calendar whether there are any upcoming holidays? Fortunately, integrating a calendar in the attendance management software is a priority because often people forget the days of events and plan classes, revision sessions, or projects.