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How To Choose Sports Headphones for Training?

There are many sports headphones on the market that are suitable for active use outdoors and indoors. That is why the choice is quite complicated and it is worth thinking carefully before spending money.

What should be considered when choosing sports headphones?

Swimming headphones, gym headphones, or running headphones? And do you need to pay attention to the types of headphones that are designed to provide freedom of movement? What parameters will be the most important if you want to listen to music while exercising?

Ear retention is the foundation

The first problem is related to the fit of the ears. Of course, everything will depend on whether the sports headphones are on-ear, in-ear, or intrathecal. The issue of wearing comfort is associated not only with the individual location of the auricle but also with the type of headphones.

Sports in-ear headphones stay in your ears much better when they are directed straight into the canal. Then the rubber tip can effectively engage, transmitting sound to the ear. The most effective way to check headphone retention is to shake your head. If they don’t fall out, they are of good quality.

Some headphone companies have decided to add special clips that will hold the headphones in the ear a little better. A special neckband is another option that is very often used in models for athletes. It can be a hoop, large and thick, like a collar, or a regular wire that prevents the headphones from falling to the ground, even if one of them slips out of the ear and flies down.

In the case of in-ear sports headphones, head retention depends on the design and degree of fit.

The absence of wires is an important advantage

The absence of wires is an extremely important thing, although there are those who like to run or ride a bike with headphones connected to a smartphone via a cable. However, we usually choose wireless sports headphones. This is important because you don’t have to worry about cables or wires that can impede movement. In addition, head movements can cause the cable to disconnect from the phone, causing damage to it or simply causing a forced break from training.

By the way, you should check the range of your phone. Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones may not work properly if the phone cannot get a good connection. For some models of headphones, even a distance of more than a meter can create interference, which means that you cannot enjoy good sound, let alone exercise. Therefore, you need to see how effectively the phone will pair with the selected model of sports headphones.

Lightness and other technical parameters

If you are looking for headphones for gym or workout, then you must remember that they must be very light. They have no right to restrict your movements and make you feel uncomfortable.

Headphones for exercise or running should also have the appropriate specifications. The first issue that is important for people involved in sports is the level of impedance. This is the electrical resistance created by the headphones. The lower the level, the louder the headphones, but also the higher the chance of interference.

The second important issue is the frequency response. It is expressed in hertz and means the frequency range of the sound. The wider the bandwidth in sports headphones, the better.

The third technical problem for wireless headphones is the sound pressure level, i.e., SPL. In this case, decibels express the loudness of the sound they can make.