Guardians of Hyelore Good In Short Bursts

Guardians of Hyelore Good In Short Bursts

Tower defence and survival horror elements are combined in the video game Guardians of Hyelore, which was created by Megaglope Studios and distributed by Freedom Games (Dark Deity, Nine Years of Shadows). However, the end product does not live up to the lofty standards set.

The objective of the game for each player is to eliminate their opponent’s tower base by commanding an ever-advancing army that marches across the battlefield. The players have access to a variety of different fighting units, each of which possesses a singular collection of characteristics and a set of growing special powers. The majority of the army is made up of various types of fighters, including healers, archers, and spellcasters. Once a cooldown has been completed, players are able to recruit Guardians, which are more powerful command units.

In order for them to progress to the next level, players have to click on a floating skull symbol that is located on the overworld map. The battles between the various factions take place in real time, giving the impression that you are playing a real-time strategy game. Players have the ability to pick more soldiers, Guardians, equipment, and support weaponry by making use of an inventory bar located at the bottom of the screen. The difficulty of victory is not determined by the specific conditions of a fight; rather, it arises from the requirement of mustering a consistent stream of warriors in order to overpower an adversary’s defences. This is the primary factor in determining the level of difficulty.

Each of the sides is dominated by a tower that performs the primary duty for that side. When a tower is directly assaulted, its health bar, which can be found at the very top of the screen, will begin to drop. The battle is won or lost based on which of the health bars is depleted first. The favour that the player’s troops are earning is represented by the sloping metre that can be seen beneath the health bars. This metre slopes upwards as the player’s forces go closer to the centre of the battlefield. The farther this metre is filled, the more benefits players will be able to receive, such as the capacity to make their assaults more powerful or the ability to reduce the willpower of their opponent. Because of the semi-autonomous nature of fighting, when one side begins to create bosses, the other side and their encounters will frequently switch places. This will continue until one side stops generating monsters.

Players now have the opportunity to select one of three powers that will be useful to them in subsequent battles once they have completed a new level. Players gain experience by defeating enemies, which may then be put toward levelling up their characters and improving their troops. A player may improve their towers by purchasing additional tools and weaponry from the market. Doing so will allow them to go farther in the game. Players can join The Arena once they have reached a specific stage in the game. If they are able to withstand an infinite number of rounds of attacks from the enemies, they will be rewarded with more goodies. In addition, there is a worldwide leaderboard where participants may monitor their own standings and compare them to others.

The visuals in Guardians of Hyelore are clean and colourful, with 2D sprites that show a variety of environments, from lush woodlands to arid volcanic wastes. The symphonic melodies that are used in the game’s sound effects and music help give the atmosphere of the game a mediaeval feel. This is because the melodies get increasingly intense, much like the soundtrack.

In terms of game playability, the auto-pilot combat in Guardians of Hyelore is not suitable for all players. Despite this, there is a strong addictive quality to the process of calling forth new soldiers whenever old ones are killed and improving the Guardians’ statistics through the use of equipment and the combination of different commodities. If you are looking for a substantial tactical experience, you should go elsewhere, but Guardians of Hyelore is a fine way to kill a little bit of time here and there.