Fakeloc Location changer

Effortlessly forge your location for facebook with Fakeloc Location changer

Need to falsify your location- the why(s)

There are numerous reasons why you may need to add a fake location on your Facebook post. Whether you want to keep up with a false identity, fool people, or simply not want to be bothered by the cons that come with Facebook using your real-time location, you are in luck. While Facebook was merely a socializing app before, it has transformed into a well-known marketing platform now. It customizes user experience based on the location data it acquires. If you do not want to give away this data, you are in luck!

Safe functioning on your iOS

By use MXCode location changer, you can change your location without actually being present there. The best part of this forgery is that it does not tamper with the security setup of the iPhone itself. For this reason, it is completely safe. This is better understood by the fact that it does not involve iOS jailbreaking. This is because the app is designed to tamper with a location only for Facebook without exploiting restrictions set by the iPhone itself. Hence, you are free from any worries associated with the installation of malware on your phone.

Three ways to choose a location

The first step is to choose the location that you want to set as fake. The app is user-friendly and therefore gives multiple options to achieve one goal. For instance, one can search for location from the maps, by either adding coordinates or using stored history as well. This is done to make the app easy to use for all users.

Elaborate functions to make the forgery believable

The most significant pro of this app is that you can roam around the fake location precisely. This removes any suspicion others on Facebook may have. The app has inbuilt toggles that you can use to move around the space. All of this generates a simulation that will easily fool anyone!

How does the app work?

A quick set-up follows the installation process of the app. This includes setting up the fake location. As mentioned above, this is doable in three ways depending on whichever way the user finds easy. After the location is set, the app directly links it to your Facebook app, thereby setting it as default. However, you need to be aware of the fact that this will switch the location of the maps as well.