Billie Eilish Fans Are Not ‘Happier Than Ever’ About Her New Boyfriend

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Most fans have fallen in love with Billie Eilish. She’s a young, up-and-coming artist with a beautiful voice and even more amazing hair. However, not everybody fell so hard for her new boyfriend, Charlie

Who Is Billie Eilish’s Boyfriend, Charlie?

Billie Eilish’s boyfriend is Charlie Waters. He’s a musician, originally from Ireland, who moved to the US a few years ago. He is a member of the band, Post Animal.

He’s also been working on some solo stuff since moving to LA. While not much is known about Charlie’s personal life, his relationship with Eilish has made headlines.

While it might not be a topic of conversation between them, it’s certainly something that gets a lot of attention from the public.

Welcome to the “S**t Billie Eilish Fans Say” Club!

Billie Eilish’s fans are very engaged. They are also very opinionated. While this can be great, it also means that any less-than-favorable opinion can easily get dragged into the spotlight.

For Eilish, this is often focused on her appearance and her relationship with Charlie. These are just a few gems: **“Can we call her Billie Eilish or Lou Eilish?”** **“Billie Eilish is very pretty but needs to get her eyebrows waxed and get her teeth fixed.”** **“Billie Eilish is so ugly,

she could give AIDS to a leprechaun.”** **“Billie Eilish looks like a man.”** That’s just a quick glance at what’s out there. It’s not just Eilish’s appearance that gets dragged into the conversation, either. Fans also have some choice words for Charlie. In fact,

he often gets dragged into conversations about Eilish’s appearance too. He rarely gets a pass when it comes to what people are saying online.

Some Questionable Shoutouts…

While it’s easy to pick on the few vocal naysayers in the crowd, it’s also easy to see why they’re talking. The couple is young, and it’s not every day that you see a pop star like Billie Eilish dating someone she can relate to so well.

Charlie doesn’t look like the guys who usually date pop stars. He’s short, has a pretty unkempt look, and is even described as “nerdy” by some. Beyond that,

however, some fans are starting to wonder why he’s showing up in photos so frequently. He’s in a lot of them, and he’s also at some of her shows. Fans just want to see their singer shine.

They want to see her succeed on her own. They want to see her rise to the top without her boyfriend by her side. He’s not even trying to capitalize off of her fame and success, yet he’s still showing up in the spotlight.

Just A Little Backstory Before We Continue…

Billie Eilish actually has a pretty interesting history that makes her relationship with Charlie even more interesting. She actually started her music career on SoundCloud.

A lot of artists use this as a platform to build a following before getting picked up by a record label. Eilish started this way and was actually posting music before having a record deal. Her first big break happened when she uploaded a cover of “His Hands” by Billie Eilish.

This was actually written by her and her brother, Finneas O’Connell. He had been teaching her how to use Logic and how to record her own music. They were communicating on this platform, and she found out that he was living in LA.

So, Who Is Charlie? And Why Are Fans Confused?

It’s no secret that most artists who end up dating each other are dating within their scene. They tend to stay within their own circles and don’t really venture out.

The couple actually met at one of Eilish’s shows. She invited him on the stage to sing with her, and they have been dating ever since. Fans are curious as to why he keeps appearing near the spotlight.

They wonder why they aren’t staying behind the scenes like so many other artists do. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that Eilish is using Charlie to get attention. It’s just a theory, but it’s one that has gotten a lot of attention online.

TL;DR: The TL;DR On Charlie, According To Fans

As we said, fans are curious about the relationship between Billie Eilish and Charlie Waters. They just want to know why he keeps showing up in photos with Eilish.

They want to know why he seems to be around so often. They want to know if all of this attention is helping or hurting Eilish, as an artist.

Some fans also don’t like the fact that he’s not more involved in the music scene. He’s appeared on stage with Eilish, but he doesn’t appear to be pursuing his own career in music. Some fans say that this makes him no different than a reality star.


Fans are curious about the relationship between Billie Eilish and her boyfriend, Charlie. They want to know why he keeps showing up in photos,

and they want to know if all of this attention is helping or hurting Eilish, as an artist. Some also say that his lack of involvement in the music scene makes him no different than a reality star. What do you think?