Best VoIP Providers For Home UK

Many of the UK home VoIP providers advertise monthly fees for unlimited minutes, even though the service uses landline phone wires to connect to the Internet. Even so, a VoIP user can save money over a landline phone service, especially when the cost of line rental is factored in.


Besides being a popular choice among consumers, Vonage also provides several other services, including voice conferencing, video calling, call forwarding, and audio calls. However, you should keep in mind that Vonage’s interface design can be both positive and negative. Customer support can also be hit and miss, depending on the person you talk to, but overall, Vonage is consistently reliable.

The price of a Vonage service is relatively low, especially when compared to other providers. It has many advantages, including a plug-and-play model and unlimited call minutes. Vonage also offers 24/7 technical support and no contracts. It also offers affordable plans if you need more than one line.


Ooma is a VoIP provider that offers residential customers a wide variety of services. Its residential plans include three-way conference calling, call forwarding, voicemail, and integrated home features. Its plans also include international calling for low fees. Its Telo device supports video conferencing with up to 25 participants, and it can be used over a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

Residential VoIP is a great solution for the home because it uses your home internet connection to route your calls. It is more affordable than mobile phone connections and landlines and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Some services even allow you to port your existing phone number, making the switch very easy. If you are looking for a residential VoIP service, Ooma Telo is the best choice. Ooma Telo is an internet phone service that provides residential VoIP calling over your broadband. However, you will need to hard-wire it to your router.


3CX offers a host of features for home users, including a free live chat feature on its website. This feature allows customers to chat with customer support agents directly from the website, and customers who need to talk to someone else can easily turn that live chat into a video call. Additionally, 3CX offers apps for IPHONE and ANDROID smartphones that work with its VoIP service.

The software available for 3CX is very easy to use and is designed to work on a variety of platforms. It has a variety of features that can make running your business a lot smoother. For example, it supports SIP trunks, which can save businesses a lot of money in phone service costs each year. It is also compatible with many name-brand gateways and can work on analog phone lines. Its licensing costs are also very low, especially in comparison to other phone systems.

Mighty Call

Mighty Call is a top-quality VoIP provider that offers a variety of great features. The service allows you to set up custom greetings and call flows, and lets you decide who will reach you and when. Mighty Call also offers call screening and multiple menus and redirections.

The service’s free hardware and VoIP features make it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to invest in additional hardware. Other features include audio-to-text voicemail, call forwarding, and simultaneous ringing. VoIP providers also offer features like whitelist/blacklist, virtual fax, on-hold music, and anonymous call rejection.

Mighty Call has a variety of plans available to suit different needs. The value plan provides unlimited incoming calls and 500 outgoing minutes to North America. It also allows you to keep your old phone number if you wish. You can also upgrade to the US & Canada Unlimited plan if you wish to make unlimited calls to the United States, Canada, and selected countries worldwide.


VoIP is a type of communication service that makes use of the internet to make phone calls. It is an ideal option for businesses and IT professionals, as well as for home users who want to make the switch from traditional landlines. VoIP providers can offer high-quality services that meet the needs of both home and business users.

bOnline is a UK-based company that specializes in VoIP technology. Their services are affordable and offer great flexibility. They also have an extensive client base and offer a wide range of VoIP solutions.

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