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Best Pool Games for Kids by Watson’s

Both children and adults love to swim and swim in the pool. However, ‘tolerance’ to these activities is different at these ages. While adults meet their needs quickly and want to spend the rest of the day lounging in the sun or floating, children can play in the water for hours.

And that’s good. Playing in water helps kids develop gross motor skills, including balancing and throwing. They also build lean muscles and strength. They also learn how to maintain balance and coordination and improve their endurance. These activities also promote social skills since kids learn to share and take turns while playing. 

Kids will be bored if you don’t find a way to entertain them. You just need a little creativity and good will. Fortunately, you can shop Watson’s today and find a large selection of toys to keep the youngest ones busy in the water. You can play many of these with them and thus spend quality and fun time together.

Ball Play

Various pool games with balls will keep your youngest ones amused for hours. Each is fun and easy to play, even with a large group. Air balls are great for these occasions because they are light and easy to throw. For example, kids can be divided into teams and occupy opposite sides of the pool. The goal is to get the ball to the opponent’s side without touching the water.

‘What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?’

Some of the best pool games for kids with balls involve catching other players. For example, ”What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?’ is a game an excellent game that can include even younger kids who know to count. They should have armbands or waistbands for safe swimming.

The players yell ‘What time is it, Mr. Fox!’ to a kid in the center of the pool – sneaky Mr. Fox. The central player says the number of hours, and other kids move forward the number of steps Mr. Fox has said. When it’s ‘lunchtime,’ it turns into a tag game. It’s also simple to modify the rules of this game if a child can’t reach the deep end. You can even create obstacles for the kids to climb through.

Pool Basket

When you want to have fun and keep your kids entertained for hours, you should buy a pool basketball set. Unlike traditional basketball, this one is played using water as the court. That adds some extra excitement and forces players to make extra efforts to score.

Basketball sets are usually made from durable resin and come with a game ball. It’s smaller than a regular one and made of non-slippery materials. As a result, this game requires very little setup time. Here’s the guide on installing this set

Depending on the pool size and structure, you can put a hoop in the middle or edges. You can even buy inflatable models. A higher net will allow bigger rebounds, but lower hoops can keep the game more manageable. 

Employ Floaties

Racing with floaties in pool games is an excellent way to employ these ‘lazy’ accessories. Regardless of their shape, kids can jump onto them, hold them, or push them all around the pool, racing with each other. Just make sure you get one of these for yourself, so you can enjoy the sun while your kids have fun. Also check out the different unblocked games which you can play online.

Another fun game is pool wrestling. That usually requires bigger floaties, like sharks or flamingos, which kids can ride. Each player in the game must try to wrestle the opponent from the floatie. You can make things even more exciting with other toys, like inflatable hammers, tubes, or squirt guns – anything that can knock the opponent into the water. Kids will love to participate in this fun game! It’s sure to bring out a lot of giggles and splashes.

Squirt Gun Fight

Squirt guns come in all sizes, and they are ideal for pool games. They are lightweight and made of high-quality ABS materials, so even the youngest ones can use them. These toys are non-toxic and come in so many cool colors, so kids will enjoy holding one. 

Squirt guns are easy to play, cheap, and fun. They make great games for summer parties. You don’t even need a pool to play with them. A large tote or kiddie pool will work well as a filling station. 

Check the link below for more tips on kids’ safety while swimming: 

Kids who engage in play will develop a strong sense of imagination. Pool playing is an excellent activity that will keep your youngest ones entertained for many hours. So you can finally sit back, rest, or take a calm conversation with other adults. But if you ever get bored, you can always join the youngest and have fun with them.