Best Delis of the US Western Seaboard

The are one of the most delightful types of casual restaurant you can ever find in the US. These places started out in Europe where people can buy fresh meats and cheeses, and then they spread on out to the US. Eventually, these delicatessens became restaurants on their own, where the diners can get freshly made sandwiches on the spot.

If you’re ever in the US West Coast and you’re looking for the best deli in the state, then here are the delis you should visit.

Langer’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, California

Let’s start with the state most often associated with the American West. This particular deli is among the best of its kind, and it has even won the Regional America Classic Award from the James Beard Foundation.

If you’re ever here, then you absolutely have to start with their pastrami sandwich. Many of the customers say that this pastrami sandwich is the best of its kind in the whole country, and even The Lost Angeles Times agree with this assessment.

Plenty of fans say that it’s perfect in every way, that it’s one of the best food items they’ve ever eaten, and that the quality of the sandwich truly matches the hype. The deli offers several versions of their pastrami sandwich, and many say they love all of them.

Elephant’s Deli in Portland, Oregon

The deli is famous for being one of the first Portland delis to offer fresh pasta to their customers, and they still deliver when it comes to combining classic deli items with current food trends.

The deli offers plenty of grab and go food items, and they also do full catering trays for events. It helps that they offer an extremely wide range of food items, so it’s a one-stop place for any type of comfort food craving. You can find excellent chicken sandwiches and superb burgers, along with fantastic salads and soups. Even the baked good are great.

George’s Sausage and Delicatessen in Seattle, Washington

This George’s Sausage and Delicatessen is an old place, though you might still find some Seattle old-timers who remember when George’s Sausage and Delicatessen started out almost 40 years ago. The place focuses more on offering Polish deli foods, as well as other items that originated from Eastern Europe. If you’re also looking for Armenian wine, you can find those here as well.

Here you can find huge sausages made in-house every day, and they smoke the meat over alder chips in their kitchen. They don’t use MSG or nitrites, only spices. They also trim the fat out, so you only get lean meat.

Lunch time gets busy here, with affordable but huge sandwiches greatly in demand. Get your sandwich with “everything” and you’re getting pickles, cucumbers, horseradish, roasted red peppers, and even more stuff.

Their smoked pork loin is fantastic, and so are the hot pastrami, the Reuben sandwich, the liverwurst, the Canadian bacon, and the sausage with sauerkraut. The soups here are beloved, and the potato salad is a star.

808 Deli in Kihei, Hawaii

This is the ideal place to get a perfect sandwich to enjoy out on the beach. It’s even located right across a beautiful beach, so just get your sandwich here any time you’re going out of the sunshine.

The most famous menu item here is probably their panini “The Porkie”. This features Hawaiian pork, along with pepper jack cheese, mango salsa, and sweet chili sauce, all on rye bread. Plenty of people say that its delicious quality fully matches all the stories they’ve heard about it. It’s just that good.

Eastern European Store & Deli in Anchorage, Alaska

Some people might forget that Alaska lies on the Pacific Coast, while others don’t really associate the state with the concept of delis at all. But don’t tell that to the folks at this deli, or to their regular patrons.

Here, the focus is more on the delicacies that originate from Eastern European countries like Poland, the Ukraine, and Russia. If you’re unfamiliar with these meats, then you’re in for a great adventure. You can try a European sausage like the cervelat, along with salami and garlic ham.

Go with the pierogies and charcuterie boards, then add some halupki (cabbage rolls). You should also sample the borscht and the Russian dumplings known as pelmeni.

Final Words

It’s true that some people may associate delis only with the East Coast states, but the deli has spread out west and throughout the country. Sure, you can always go to the terrific American Deli chain restaurant to get your deli fix for the day (check full American Deli menu prices here). But if you’re ever out west, then you owe it to yourself to try all the delis on our list. In a way, it’s like striking gold!