5 Blouse Styles to Keep in Mind When Visiting an Online Tailor

Do you know the best part about your saree? It may be beautiful. But it would be even more gorgeous with a customised and stylish blouse. Would you like a blouse with a specific fit, style, or pattern that you didn’t think was possible? 

Then, Cloudtailor is the right thing for you! Their in-house designers and patternmakers will create your blouse stitching designs that look like nobody else’s.

Online tailors are an excellent option for those who don’t have time to go shopping or get measured by a tailor. They also offer a wide variety of designs that you can customise to your liking. You can find many online tailoring services and women’s custom clothing services—for instance, Cloudtailor.

These online tailor services offer blouse stitching services for people who want to design their own blouses. With the help of their online tailoring services, you can create custom-made blouses with various styles and colours. 

The blouse stitching services provide a selection of fabrics, designs, and finishing options such as sleeves and collars. You can also choose the type of your blouse – whether it’s a long or short one, with or without sleeves, etc.

Blouse stitching designs are incredibly experimental and vary by decade. Who says you can’t experiment with them? These styles are truly worth getting your hands on.

Plunge Neckline

Blouse stitching designs with plunging necklines have made a comeback in the fashion industry. These are just right for bridal looks. You must have seen them on Instagram or magazines, styled with different neckpieces.

These fun and flirty necklines are indispensable during the parties leading up to the wedding and on your big wedding day. A plunge neckline makes a fashion statement that’s hard to ignore. And the look is sensational! We bet all brides and bridesmaids will pick these blouse stitching designs for their wedding festivities.

Backless Bow Knot

If you are past hooks and buttons, you can try a backless blouse with a bow tie or knot in the rear. The bow has been a stylish element of clothing for centuries. You can see it on everything from the back of a dress to the ack of a blouse. 

The bow tie is a tried and true fashion trend making its way to blouse stitching designs that you should look for the upcoming functions.

If you’re looking to update your look with a new, chic style and want to incorporate bows into your outfit, these are the perfect blouse stitching designs. 

Shoulder Cut Blouse

The shoulder cut trend is hotter than ever. From the latest runway collections to local blouse tailoring services, you can find it. This trend is wild! To create this style, you can go for women’s custom clothing and play with different shoulder cut designs like- One-shoulder, Off shoulder, Cold shoulder, etc.

Cold shoulder blouses have been a favourite of fashion lovers for quite some time. Its elegant figure-hugging style is an easy way to wear a blouse without worrying about exposing too much skin. But, this season, it’s time for a shoulder cut trend to make your saree look ravishing and stand out from the crowd!

For women who need to look their best at all times, online tailoring services are a godsend. Online tailoring services like Cloudtailor offer blouse stitching services that allow you to create your own style that flatters your body type.

Balloon Sleeve or Bishop Sleeve

Balloon sleeves are a sleeve style with a balloon shape and cuffed at the end. They look elegant and also add some extra oomph to a blouse. This season there has been a lot of attention given to balloon sleeves or bishop sleeves. 

They add a unique touch and look highly feminine in sheer or net fabrics. Picking the suitable material for this style is essential because what looks good in the picture you explore on google might not look the same if you mess up with the fabric.

With the right women’s custom clothing services like Cloudtailor, which offers blouse tailoring, you can get fashion expertise and blouse stitching designs you’ve been looking for!

Bra Blouse Design or Bralette design

Want that touch of sass in your saree? A bra blouse design is here to save you. You’ve probably heard people talk about how they want to change up their style or get dressed in something different. 

Pairing a saree and blouse doesn’t have to be boring. A bra blouse design outfit is perfect for a young and chic party, day or night. 

So are you ready to level up your saree game with a perfect bra blouse design or bralette? Then get your blouse tailoring done from an online tailoring service like Cloudtailor. It offers blouse stitching services with many other women’s custom clothing services to create your dream outfits.