2018 John Deere 5115R Review

2018 John Deere 5115R Review!

The John Deere 5 Series consists of 15 models, divided over three sub-series. Six 5E economy tractors are available, along with five 5M mid-range tractors and four 5R premium tractors. The 5R tractor ranges from 90 to 125 horsepower. This week’s review is focused on the John Deere 5115R.

John Deere PowerTech 4.5L four-cylinder engines power 5R tractors. They are equipped with a single fixed geometry, aftercooled, wastegate turbocharger. This combination uses exhaust gas recirculation, diesel catalyst reduction, selective catalytic reduction, and diesel exhaust fluid to meet EPA Final Tier 4 emissions compliance (FT4) without the need for a diesel particle filter (DPF). Also Read: Tractor Price in Pakistan

Rated power is at 2100 rpm. Tractors with closed-center hydraulics (base) have a rating of 100 and 105 respectively. Below are details about hydraulic systems. PWL engines offer a 36% torque increase reserve and an 8% power bulge.

There are two transmissions available: the CommandQuad Manual standard and the Command8 optional. One could write a series on either one of these transmissions due to the sheer number of features included. Although the base transmission is equipped with a manual tag it has an electronic range and can shift gears electronically. The base transmission can be operated by either a left-hand PowrReverser, or a thumb switch on its joystick. They allow you to move between forward and backward without needing to clutch.

CommandQuad Manual features 16F and 16R speed options with four power-shiftable gears and four fully synchronized ranges. The tractor is started by the operator. He or she can select one of the five range buttons located on the right-hand console. You can select a single letter range and have clutchless gear changes within this range. You can select multiple letters and make clutchless shifts between them. One jog on toggle lever will change gears one by one. The gears will accelerate if you hold down the toggle lever.

CommandQuad Manual includes AutoClutch, which allows for clutchless gear and range shifting as well as the ability to stop the tractor with no clutching or overloading. There are three sensitivity settings: Off, High and Low. For transport duties, low would be the setting.

Speed Matching allows for the transmission to shift to the gear closest to the speed of the operator’s range; PowrReverser Modulation which controls the direction change aggression; Start Gear Selection which can be used to select the first gear; Foot Pedal lock which acts like a car cruise controller using the foot throttle; and Programmable forward/reverse ratio which allows the operator set the reverse ratio in increments of 20%. This allows the operator to choose from 100% faster than forward or 80% slower in increments of 20%. Speed ranges from 1.18 mph up to 25 mph.

The Command8 transmission includes all of the CommandQuad Manual’s features and more, such as auto-shifting. The eight-speed, four-range transmission has 32F and 16R options. Auto Mode allows the operator to set a target speed with a thumbwheel, and the tractor will determine the best gear and range to accomplish the task. Eco On/Eco Off sets two minimum engine speeds, 900 to 2100 RPM, with Eco On decreasing the speed to the programmed speed, and Eco Off increasing it. Load Control Droop allows the operator control the shift point to ensure that the engine doesn’t get pulled down by an auto shift. Both transmissions have a creeper option. Also Read: Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

Standard hydraulics are by a twin-open-center pump that flows 6.2 gpm through the power steering circuit, 19.3 gpm for implement demand (25.5gpm total), while operating at 2900 PSI. The PFC option is available. The implement flow is increased up to 31 gpm, while the PTO power output goes up by five horses.

This gives the Cat II three point hitch (3PH), a lifting capacity of 6979 lbs, measured 24 inches behind the lift point. As standard, position control and electro-hydraulic draft control are available. The standard left fender switch raises or lowers the 3PH outside of the cab. An add-on right fender control is also available. The PTO can achieve 540 rpm at 2100 rpm and 540e at 1645 rpm.

It also has a maximum speed of 1000 at 2103 rpm. There are two 540R loaders available. The self-leveling model can lift 3406 lbs at a maximum height of 141.9″, while the non-self-leveling model can lift 4259 lbs at the same height. Each loader has a dump clearance of just over 101 inches and connects using a single-point hydraulic coupler.

The Premium Panorama Cab has lots of glass and minimal corner posts. It also features a panoramic sunroof that slides overhead and has a pull-down front shade. Standard seats have a high-back suspension unit. But, you can opt for the low-frequency seat with heat and adjustable backrest.

The seat also has full 15 degrees of swivel. A mechanical cab suspension is also an option. This is the first tractor in this class. A digital color display is located in the right corner. It can display transmission settings and performance information. Also Read: Changan Oshan X7 Price in Pakistan

Additional features include a factory-installed radio, with subwoofer and premium speakers, as well as a Bluetooth-ready system (microphone included), that can also be used to send satellite information, a USB port and an Auxiliary connector, and a rear windshield. There are two types of joysticks available, one mechanical and one electrohydraulic. There is a difference in the way the joystick works, one fully electrohydraulic and one through mechanical cabling.

John Deere engineering has allowed all of the above to be dropped into an 88.6 inch wheelbase. This gives an extremely tight turn radius of 11.1 feet with brakes and 12.1 without. The standard tires for the 9811lbs 5115R are 12.4R24R1W radial front tires and 18.4R30R1W rear tires, with many other options. MSRP starts at $92,780. Incentives, such as a Livestock Loyalty program which provides $1000 US off to owners of qualifying hay tools or tractors, are also available.