10 Best Fortnite Emotes & Dance

You tried a Fortnite dance or emote once, and now you can’t stop. You want to be the best, the most creative, and the most memorable player in your games. I’ve tested out all the Fortnite dances and emotes myself, so now I’m here to help. Which ones should you use? Which is going to win you, friends?

1. Zany

The Zany emote is now a beastly dance for your character to perform. It’s just so wild! The dance itself is something that you can’t help but do in the middle of a raid. It will sync perfectly with the music and make your character look almost human. This new dance was released in May 2018 and will continue to be seen in Second Life for a long time.

2. Take The L

You know how, in the Olympics, it’s not just about winning? Fun fact: it’s also about looking good while you’re doing it. I’m saying this because those hand signals are really just the ultimate accessory for the serious gamer. From casual gameplay to the achievements section on Steam – there’s no reason to go without one of these anymore!

3. Infinite Dab

If you’ve never seen a dab before, it might be because you’re old. This dance, like all the others, has one purpose and one purpose only: to entertain. The dab remains perennially popular in the world of sport, and there is no reason why this should change.

4. Swipe It

Step into the spotlight with this incredible emote, available now during the aptly named ‘Lobby Parties’ event! While you may not be as talented at dancing as I am, that’s not to say that you can’t stun your friends with this emotive move, set to a fantastic trap beat. Show off your moves in the lobby, and stun your friends with a truly futuristic dance.

5. The Worm

The legendary golf clap emote, one of the OG’s from Fortnite Season 2 is back in action! Unlike other popular emotes like the Floss or Take The L, the golf clap has not been seen since season 2 — meaning that if you pull this out while playing with friends, they’ll be shocked and love it. The best part is, that you’re winning them over with a move that only a few have!

6. Dance Moves

Remember when this was the coolest thing about Fortnite? When it was just a regular old TV show, no one even knew that it would become the most popular video game ever created. We found this lone screenshot from the now ancient past before Fortnite became ubiquitous throughout all of human history.

7. Groove Jam

Dances are an essential part of Fortnite and have been since the game’s release in 2017. Whether you’re emoting the ‘take the L’ or doing a dab, dances are a great way to show off your personality, as well as watching others dance In-game dances have been a staple of battle royale games for some time now.

8. Disco Fever

The disco emote is one of the new emotes coming in season 6, and it’s just INCREDIBLE to watch. The emote is inspired by one of the most iconic movies of all time: Saturday Night Fever, which features John Travolta. The dance moves are highly reminiscent of the disco era, and the music is so catchy that you can’t help but re-watch the emote over and over again!

9. Wiggle

This emoticon shows a variety of different emotions, as the hands wave about, combine with the face to make it seem as though someone is over-acting. The most famous usage of this emote came on stream when JoshOG x Dr. DisRespect was doing a faceoff before their Battlegrounds game, which is why the name is based on that.

10. Fresh

The Fresh Prince of Bel-air has been making people in Twitch chat dance for years. Its origin is from an epic Will Smith episode, where the main Fortnite Jabba switch-way character, Carlton, made his own version of popular dance. The Carlton Dance is a unique and fun movement that has literally been to the moon and back — you can learn more about it here.